Our vacation care program is planned using children's interests and ideas from the previous program.  We have people from the community come to share their knowledge and experience with us. We've had visits from guide/police/quarantine and sled dogs, the RSPCA, local sporting clubs, Fire and Ambulance, Deaf society, Aged Care, Scouts, local artists, Chefs, Science and Crafts, Medieval Societies and many more. We have also been out in the community visiting local farms, wildlife parks and factories, we've even been for a trip along the Mersey.  Mini Jeeps are a special treat and we usually have them visit us twice a year.      We have various outdoor activities planned from weird and wacky games to normal sporting games.  We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. 

Vacation care program runs between school terms. 

Please click on the link below if you would like to look at the program. 

Please click on the above link to download our previous vacation care program.

*Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no excursions*


Summer PROGRAM OUt now!