Latrobe Early Learning are revolutionising how child care fees are charged!


Long Day Care Fees

Hourly Fee

10 hr Session fee

$12.20 ph - Must specify start and finish times.

$115.00 per day  for 10 hours - This means when you use care 5 days a week, you will not be using all your activity hours in the 1st week and paying full fee for part of the second week .  This can save families a substantial amount over a fortnights care.

Casual Fee $1.20 per hour applies to the standard fee

Outside School Hours Care


$17.50 per two hour session 6.30am - 8.30am


$33.00 per session 3.00pm - 6.30pm 

Vacation Care

Standard 10 hour


$80.00 per session (10 hours) - Last minute bookings. Same conditions as above for 5 day week families.

Excursions incur an extra $10-$15 depending on cost (CCS is applied).

  No fee for Incursions.

Understanding your Statement

We understand that childcare statements are notoriously hard to read.  Due to government regulation we have no control over the layout of statements.  However please click on the link below for a detailed explanation of your statement and what it means.